About us

We are new to organizing, We are new to protesting, We get nervous when we march, We get nervous when we speak in public.... and that is OK!

On Wednesday November 29th 2016, around 7:30am . I was forced to explain the election results to my daughters. As a father, this was not only painful, but it also angered me. I decided then and there to turn that anger into action. Operation Veracity was launched with the goal to raise awareness and place democratic "boots on the ground" for the upcoming 2018 elections. It has clearly blossom into something more than that, with the help of all those who share in the love of our country, we will continue to grow and become a permanent fixture in the world of politics.

Our Principles: We are focused on waking up the 60% who did not vote in the past election, rather than converting Trump supporters. We understand that not all Trump supporters are racist or bigots, this is vital to remember to avoid walking on the path they are currently on. We believe the working class needs to be educated, informed and provided with the truth should they wanted it and accept it. We will not insult, lie or demean our fellow Americans. We believe in the American Constitution. We will defend the American Constitution.

Funding: Until recently, I was funding all our work using my wallet (still waiting for a guy name Soro's?). Due to the generosity of complete strangers, many reached out and offered to help, so we created a donation page. We will be donation 10% of all donations received to the ACLU, Indivisible, Planned Parenthood and Immigration assistance causes. We are a grassroots organization and will not accept donations from any political committee, corporations and/or interest groups. THE PEOPLE will decide whether we should stay or go... and we are OK with that.

Unions & Paid-for Organizers: Our group will not collaborate with paid for organizers, DCC, and DCCC. Our support for Unions is limited to several national ones with the exception of Teachers Unions. We support, defend and collaborate with ALL Teachers Union's.

When Protesting: We believe and advocate in peaceful protest. Respect and follow the direction of Police Officers. What should you do if you get stopped by the police?: Stay calm, be polite, and don't run. Don't argue, resist, or obstruct the police, even if you are innocent or you believe that the police are violating your rights

Personal Information: Given the nature of our cause, we will not release phone numbers, physical address and/or any other personal information. The amount of hate emails and threats we have received would make Fox News blush.